A goal of successful shared parenting is an achievable one.  Parents who set out to create a shared parenting plan that works can easily succeed as long as they keep a few important points in mind:

  • Set aside unnecessary arguing or disagreements
  • Be flexible
  • Create a plan that addresses all of the child(ren)’s needs
  • Maintain consistent and fair communication
  • Work together
  • Cover all important points but also realize the plan will evolve
  • Be fair and honest

If both parents can work together to build a successful shared parenting plan that keeps these key points as the foundation of that plan then they will achieve their goal while providing a wonderful life for their child.  In our world today it is very common for children to be part of a family life that includes shared parenting.  It is how the parents build this plan and stick to it that determines the impact this has on the child.

It is very easy to initially be discouraged when a family unit fails.  This is further compounded when children are involved.  However, parents can and do build parenting plans every day that meet the needs of their child(ren) while minimizing the impacts to emotional wellbeing.

There are a lot of great resources out there that help parents build their parenting plan.  Mediators are one example of such a resource and are often a great alternative to the traditional court process.  Also, in our internet age there are a lot of well written parenting plan templates that are a good starting point for parents to begin building their plan.

Be sure to check our resources page for recommendations on where to find some of these resources.  Successful shared parenting is a very achievable goal and the resources exist to get you there.  It is a truly beautiful thing when parents can get through a break up while still creating an effective and workable plan that makes sure the needs of the child(ren) continue to be met throughout and beyond the process of separation.