There is so much that single parents need to worry about when it comes to their children. Sometimes it can be difficult just to figure out exactly what you need.  Many single parents wonder what sort of parenting help for single parents is out there. Of course, this is a loaded question and the answers are many more than could possibly be covered in a single post.  Instead, this post is designed to help you start thinking about how to group and categorize your needs as a single parent so that you can create a solid parenting plan.

The first thing to do is consider that there are generally three main groups that you can place your parenting help needs into.  Those groups are:

  1. Practical
  2. Personal
  3. Informational

Next it is time to start further drilling down by placing categories within those groups.  This is a drill down approach that is mostly just meant to help you start thinking critically about exactly what you need to be the best parent you can be.

Some of the types of parenting help for single parents that is necessary include the following:

  1. Educational help for both parents and their children
  2. Financial resources and help
  3. Child care options and resources
  4. Employment assistance
  5. College planning for children
  6. How to parent and raise children
  7. Finding balance between all facets of life
  8. Handling behavioral problems
  9. Filling in the gaps (when one parent is absent)
  10. Discipline

The above list is just a small sampling of the many categories of parenting help that single parents need.  Of course, it is not limited to just these topics and as you can see the ones listed are quite broad.  This is because no two situations are similar and the specific help that a particular parent needs can never be a cookie cutter approach.

Sometimes a category of support will fall into more than one of the above groups.  For instance, the category of finding balance between all facets of life could really fall into all three groups.  The same could be said for many of the different categories.  The main thing is to keep in mind that it is not really as important which group the category falls into as it is to just get you drilling down further to your specific needs.

Once you have formulated your groups and categories, it is now time to start really getting specific about exactly what you need based on your particular situation.  Dig deep, put down everything even if you later need to adjust or eliminate some of it.  Again, the idea here is really just to get you thinking about everything that is important so don’t worry about mistakes.

Finally, once you have everything listed out, formulated in a very simply broken down way, you are now ready to start seeking out the help you need.  The best part is that you have the confidence of knowing that you know with certainty exactly what you need.  This will make it much easier for you to then begin seeking that help and support because you have made a great plan of attack.

By actually formulating your plan you are best positioning yourself to develop your plan and goals as a single parent which will then help you to put your best foot forward when it comes to caring for your children.

So if you take the time out to actually jot down the above three groups, and then categorize from there the exact types of help that you need within those groups, you are well on your way to creating a great parenting plan that includes the specific areas where you need to seek out help and resources to accomplish your goals.

Seeking support and help as a single parent is not only a great idea but in many cases it is imperative.  That’s not to say that you are not an exceptional parent but like any other aspect of your life you can only be the best you can be by seeking out ways to constantly improve and better yourself.

As a single parent myself, I sometimes find myself practically drowning in everything I need to do to balance work, parenting, daily life and everything else that comes with being a single parent.  It can be challenging to even know where to start to look for parenting help for single parents, but even harder if you do not know exactly what you need or are looking for.  This very simple approach to starting to figure out the things you need is a good starting point.

Just remember, when thinking of the type of help you need, start by thinking of what you need for practical, personal and informational help.  Once you start thinking in those terms you can build out your list in an easier way to look at it.

This planning approach also works for many other aspects of your life.  If you think of it like a pyramid (not the bad kind) where you start with your general ideas at the top and then expand downward from there you may find that this helps you really drill down to exactly where the areas of your parenting plan need assistance.  I hope this helps and please feel free to comment below with your thoughts on the subject.  Also, please remember to check the resources page on this website for ideas on where to get the help you need for many different areas of single parenting.