So you’re a single parent.  Among all of the constant juggling that you must do, often all on your own, the actual parenting can be the most difficult.  Don’t despair.  You are not alone.

When your little bundle(s) of joy were born, one thing that was missing was a neat little instruction booklet that addresses all of the various moments when you will feel utterly and completely lost when it comes to what to do, or how to parent effectively.

Parenting is not a one-size-fits-all job.  Every parent will parent differently, and every child will need to be parented differently.  If I could offer any parenting advice for single parents, it would be to first accept that parenting is a job, it is a hard job, but you can and will do it well.

The next bit of advice I would give is to take things as they come.  Don’t spend too much time fretting about what lies ahead, you have plenty on your plate right in front of you, right now.  Embrace the here and now, and worry about the future when it arrives.

Another important piece of advice for single parents is to use your resources.  So what does that mean?  Simply put, there are literally hundreds, even thousands, of parenting resources out there.  With the internet age we live in, most are accessible with a few keystrokes.  While they won’t come to you, many resources are within reach, just by picking up your smartphone, tablet or computer and performing a basic search.

A quick search on Google for Single Parenting Help, brings back over 9,500,000 results, and that’s just one search term.  Take advantage of this age we live in, and start searching for any help that you might need.  You’ll be amazed at what’s out there.

The most important thing you can do as a single parent is to do what you’re probably already doing.  By just embracing the role of a parent, loving your children, and working to be the best parent YOU can be, you are going to be fine.  Don’t measure yourself against others, and don’t worry about mistakes.  You’re going to make them.  You’re going to make lots of them.  It’s all part of the process of learning.  Take your time, enjoy the process, and use the resources available to you when you hit a bump in the road that seems to be a bit more than you can handle!