Making Money As A Single Parent

Inevitably, most single parents will struggle at some point with how to make money to support their children.  Depending on what age your children are, this can be considerably challenging.

Money is a necessity for all of us and for parents there is just no getting around the need for it.

When I first became a full time single parent I was working as a manager at a bank, putting in upwards of 65 hours per week.

Suddenly, I was faced with a choice because my daughter was only 2 years old and had never been to day care.  So, I did the only thing that I could do, which was give up what up to that point had been a very lucrative job.

Not only could I not justify putting my daughter in daycare for upwards of 13 hours per day, it literally was not possible.  I simply did not have any way to be able to coordinate that with the job I was working.

So, after years of pretty decent financial security, I found myself faced with the prospect of having no income coming in while having a young daughter to support and provide for entirely on my own.

Sadly, this is a scenario that is not at all uncommon.  I would love to say that I have some simple solutions for you regarding how to make money to provide for your children as a single parent, but I don’t.

That being said, it is not impossible and there are ways to meet the challenges of single parenting and earning a living simultaneously.

For me, one huge blessing was that in today’s world, work from home jobs are becoming more and more common and that can be a great compromise for a single parent.

I started out working as a sales and service representative for a telecommunications company.  This was full time work that paid a decent hourly rate while also giving me the opportunity to earn significantly more with commissions.

However, as has always been the case for me, sales is not my strong point so I did not last.  I have a real problem with having to constantly push things on people, especially things they probably don’t need, so it was only a matter of time before I got burned out from the stress of doing something that just wasn’t for me.

Thankfully though, it did get me by for several months and it also allowed me to realize that there are real work from home jobs out there which then led to my next job.

My next job was one that I truly loved.  It was another job talking to customers on the phone, but this one was entirely customer service.  Customer service has always been my strong suit so this was good for me and although the opportunity to make a substantial income was not there, I was able to make enough of an hourly wage to provide for my daughter.

It is important to point out that while these jobs do exist there are some important requirements that do still present some challenges for some single parents, particularly those with young children.  The main requirement is a quiet workspace without interruption.

In other words, your young child can’t be sitting there with you while you are speaking with customers.  So, if you do have young children there is still some things you need to figure out before taking on some of these types of jobs, such as who will be watching them while you are working.

Still though, this makes coordinating child care and work much easier and for me, I was lucky enough to have enough friends and family that could help out here and there which was crucial in the beginning.

After a while though, I found myself wanting something more.  I wanted to be able to be able to earn a decent living while being able to spend more of my time around and with my daughter.

Don’t get me wrong, it was great to have her home with me and for me to be able to work from home, but at the end of the day I was still working a full time job and spending more time away from my young child than I preferred.

That’s when I decided to get into blogging and trying to help other people.  A very wise person told me that if I focus first on helping other people, the money will come.

Blogging can be a great way to help other people with information, resources or even sometimes just a good read.  It can also be a good way to earn anything from a few extra dollars to a substantial full time income.

I will tell you it is not necessarily easy and it does not happen overnight but blogging and affiliate marketing are one of the few legitimate opportunities to make substantial income working from home where you can actually set your own hours and you do not have any of the limitations of a traditional job.

So that’s what I am doing right now which pays my bills and allows me to find the balance I need in my life.  That being said, there are also other ways to make a living as a single parent.

One way is going back to school.  A lot of people don’t think of this as making an immediate living but actually there are a lot of resources out there that help single parents return to school to get a degree and some of those resources will even pay your bills and living expenses while you do.

It’s definitely worth looking into the option of returning to school so that you can make a living while getting the education to earn an even better living for you and your children down the road.

Another way to make a living is through state and federal funded public assistance programs.  The fact is, depending on your situation going to school or finding a job just may not be possible for you in your current situation.  There are resources to help single parents in those situations.

A great resource for finding information on public assistance available to you is listed below.  Just click on the banner and the website will help you find a significant amount of information local to your area.

Other options for earning money as a single parent include babysitting children or even pets in your home or even turning a hobby into income.  One example of that is that I have a friend who loved to bake and started selling baked goods out of her home.

She’s by no means rich doing this but she definitely makes some extra money without having to leave her children in someone else’s care which is not only important for her but it is necessary because of her particular situation.

The main point is that you do have options.  You may have to get creative to meet the needs of your specific situation but there are options and resources out there for you to be able to meet the financial obligations of parenting.

If you know of a great way of making money for single parents, please add it in the comments below.  Also, don’t hesitate to ask any questions and I will do my best to answer them.

5 thoughts on “Making Money As A Single Parent

  • October 18, 2016 at 5:46 pm

    Great article, but could you list any of the companies that you found for working at home? While I am not currantly looking because I am a blogger myself with WA. I am sure that there are some that read your posts that might want that kind of information. I know personally I wish I had found out about working at home a few years ago when I too was a single parent with a young child at home.

    • October 18, 2016 at 5:46 pm

      Thank you for your comment. Of course, as you know there are a ton of companies out there that claim to offer legitimate work from home jobs and many are no good, but a few that I have found that I know are legitimate are:

      Apple, CenturyLink, American Express, JetBlue and Asurion

      Obviously there are more legitimate ones than that, but those are the ones I know that are legitimate for certain.

  • October 19, 2016 at 11:23 am

    Robert, you’ve made some very valid points here. Thank you for sharing. As a single parent, I sometimes find myself projecting so far into the future, mostly from fear of the unknown that I forget to look at what’s right in front of me. This is a great reminder of the little steps we can take to get to our bigger picture. I would love to be notified of your articles when they come out. Do you have a subscribe box?

    • October 19, 2016 at 4:07 pm

      Thank you for the comment. Yes, there is a place on the site to enter your email so that you can receive notifications of new posts. If you are on a mobile device it is down toward the bottom of the website and if you are on a desktop it is on the right hand side of the website. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks again.

  • February 24, 2017 at 7:40 pm

    I think I can relate to your problems in a way. I’m not a single parent, but I’m a stay at home mom who really wants to be able to contribute to the family income to help out my hard working husband. Having me be there for the kids is a choice we made carefully and deliberately, but man, making some income on the side is something that has been niggling at me a LOT. I’ve done some digging around online for ways to earn from home while still watching the kids (basically, day time single parent jobs), and yeah, it’s hard to find something that’s the right fit.
    Wishing you all the best! And good luck with your blog – you’re a good writer, so I’m guessing you’ll find your success! 🙂


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