About Robert

My name is Robert and I am a single parent.  I am not an attorney and do not work in the legal field at all.  I am simply a single parent who has been through so many of the challenges that millions of other single parents go through.  It is an unfortunate fact that so many parents have to go through the nightmare of legal battles associated with parental rights and responsibilities.  Again, I have gone through this myself and know how hard it can be on every member of a family.  This is my motivation for creating this site.

At times you may feel that you are alone or that you have nowhere to turn when facing the legal challenges that come with parental rights and responsibilities (custody) cases.  It is important to know, first and foremost, that you are not alone.  There are literally millions of people at this very moment going through similar situations.  Those of us that have been through it before know that it is of little consolation to be told that, but let me emphasize again, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

This website is dedicated to providing a resource for single parents that are trying to wade through the sometimes murky waters of the custody system.  Whether it is you or someone you know that is going through a legal custody case, whether you have been through this before or this is a first time for you, whether you have very amicable or adversarial relations with the other single parent, or whether you are just seeking out general information about the process involved in rights and responsibilities cases, I hope you can find some valuable information and content on this site.  Please do make sure to read the disclaimer and privacy policy pages on this site before using the site further.  It is very important that you understand what this site can offer you, but more importantly what it cannot offer you.

We do not give legal advice of any kind on this site.  Any information is strictly anecdotal and does not replace the advice of an experienced family law attorney.  I cannot stress this point enough.  That being said, if you are looking for general information of how the system has worked before, from the viewpoint of people who have already been through it, then this site may have exactly what you are looking for.